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Physiology of oily skin

Lipids or fats are essential to the skin. They are secreted by the sebaceous glands. Water and lipids compose the protective hydro-lipid film of the skin. However, various factors can lead to an excess of lipids on the skin surface: a natural physiological pattern, stress (adrenaline stimulates the sebaceous glands), an unbalanced diet, hot, humid weather, for example.

Manifestations of excess sebum on the skin are: shiny skin (particularly on the "T zone" of the forehead, nose and chin), enlarged pores, blackheads, or in more severe cases skin imperfections and even a tendency to skin irritation

Effective dermatological molecules

There are three types of molecules to regulate excess sebum on the skin:

  • 'Absorbing' molecules, which have the effect of micro-sponges to reduce shiny skin due to sebum.
  • Keratolytic or exfoliant ingredients, which release excess dead cells from the skin, loaded with sebum, reduce pores and improve skin quality, for example, Salicylic Acid or Glycolic Acid.
  • Ingredients that inhibit lipid production, by acting on the sebaceous gland to regulate the flow of oil.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can reduce oily skin. Here are some daily routines to adopt:

  • Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, which causes 80% of skin aging.
  • Minimize sun exposure, or use adequate protection (clothing, sunglasses, hat, sun cream with very high anti-UVA-UVB protection ...).
  • Opt for treatments with as few ingredients as possible to prevent intolerance, fragrance-free and colorant-free for example.
  • Avoid cleansing your skin with soap and water. Opt for soap-free cleansers.
  • Do not stress your skin with abrasive exfoliants, in the medium-term they can increase lipid secretion (rebound effect).
  • Adopt a balanced, varied and moderate diet.
  • Respect your sleep cycles.
  • Avoid smoking as much as possible.
  • Get active, do some sport, reasonably but regularly.
  • Relax, stress is an oxidation accelerator.
  • Get fresh air, pollution attacks skin tissue.



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